​In America you’re no longer innocent until proven guilty…

7 Unexpected Ways The Government Is Tracking Your Every Move ... And What You Can Do About It.

FACT: An alphabet soup of shadowy government agencies have free reign to spy on any and everything you do 

Mike Walters
Staff Writer

Every transaction, phone call, email, piece of snail mail, library book you borrow, store purchase you make, vacation... everything!

Thomson, Illinois
April 19, 2020

You already know Big Government (easily confused with Big Brother) IS watching you - and me... but do you know why?

They are operating under the philosophy that the public is a threat to their power... and guilty of rebellion until proven innocent.

So they're using every excuse they can to keep us fearful and willing to give up our freedoms and privacy for a government security blanket.

The mainstream media is playing right along - causing panic with their shock stories and endlessly bringing up the terror threat.

And so they're watching us... adding more and more layers of surveillance... ILLEGAL surveillance every day!

They can't get away with it in the light of day so they're using secret courts that meet in closed sessions with judges who grant them the "right" to watch everything you do - without anyone there to represent YOU...

Even now, they're quietly collecting every shred of info they can get their hands (and computers) on...

They're looking to find something that lets them accuse you of being some form of domestic terrorist, or threat to the greater public peace.

Then it's off to the gulag with you. Locked away - and the key's tossed in the trash.

Now, I know this may sound like a paranoid rant, but believe me it's some of the scariest truth you're ever going to hear.

In fact I've spent the last few months condensing all the truly shocking information about this web of surveillance into an urgent special report called "Surveillance Nation."

This report chronicles everything you need to know about the completely illegal physical, and cyber monitoring the government is doing on you - and what they're really after.

I want you to give you a copy of this urgent report and I'm going to explain why in just a second...

But first, let me introduce myself:

My name is Mike Walters, and I'm editor-at-large of one of the leading websites in the world for practical information on living and surviving in hard times (economic and otherwise).

And I've committed my life to giving patriotic Americans like you the facts you need - but won't get from the mainstream media - to survive and thrive in today's scary times...

I believe that if we don't spread the word, and band together as patriots to keep our freedoms intact - and I mean NOW - then the citizens of this great nation won't be ABLE to keep their country from becoming a dictatorship ...

One that rounds up dissidents (using "evidence" collected by this snooping) and "gets rid of them."

It's why I wrote "Surveillance Nation" and it's one of the reasons I want to rush your copy to you.

Here's just some of the shocking truths you'll discover in "Surveillance Nation":

  • A Surveillance State! Big Government is setting up layer upon layer of surveillance to capture everything you do... Here's what you must know to protect your privacy.
  • All Covered Up. Discover why mainstream media is silent on the issue of the "Surveillance State" and what you can do to spread the word.
  • Mark My Words: Innocent people will be jailed in droves. The powers that be are relying on the flawed "science" of criminal profiling even though it frequently causes law enforcement to target innocent victims because they fit some "stereotypes"...
  • The government "end run" around your Fourth Amendment rights. THEY say that because the words "electronic information" weren't written in the original language of the Fourth Amendment they've can spy on anything you do electronically WITHOUT a warrant!
  • Your eyes will be opened to the subtle Public Service Announcements all around you that are specifically crafted to keep you in a constant state of fear and panic. Once you know what you're looking at, you'll be able to keep calm and shed tension you didn't even know you had.
  • The Nationwide Suspicious Activity Initiative literally allows citizens to accuse you of terrorism without any real cause. Your neighbor can falsely accuse you of being a terrorist anytime he wants without penalty (you literally have no legal recourse)- even if it's just because you didn't invite him to a barbecue. Once this is set in motion, you're screwed. Learn how to protect yourself NOW.
  • The sneaky tricks the FBI and other agencies are playing to make anyone, anywhere look like a potential terrorist just so they can snoop on them. You'll know exactly how to avoid falling victim to this trap.
  • The REAL REASON why the government's asking citizens to join the war on terror. The TRUTH: It's not to keep America safe - it's simply meant to induce public paranoia and panic so the government can't push their takeover agenda.ere's how you can keep from falling prey to this Jedi mind trick.
  • How the government is using the Patriot Act to go on "fishing expeditions" through anyecords it sees fit - just hoping to find some casual link to terrorism. You'll hear about the whistle blowers inside the government who finally brought this illegal activity to the public's eye. Use your vote to crush this trend.
  • You'll be shouting mad once you discover the FBI's illegal monitoring of Verizon's entire network as far back as 2008! All illegal, all kept secret. Demand that your Senators and Congressmen look into this matter and shut down this illegal activity immediately.
  • The secret NSA spy center in the Utah desert set to go online in 2013. It's processing power is so immense that it will be able to target, record and analyze all 300 million American's private data - and they will - without breaking a sweat. But that's not even what they're really after...
  • Discover the "deep web." It's all the highly encrypted info in cyberspace that they're after - so none of your business, personal, banking, or "securely encrypted" info is safe. Discover how to combat this threat to your privacy.
  • Attack of the drones! Why armed unmanned drones will be flying over your head in the very near future. All for the public good of course. Get the facts you need - including who's doing it and how you might be able to stay safe.
  • Sleazy tactics the government is using to cram their agenda down your throat: using "Trojan Horse" language in bills on child pornography and anti-counterfeiting to trick people into voting for MORE surveillance! Discover what you must look for - and what to demand of your representatives to keep your freedoms intact...
  • All this plus much, much more...

As you can see "Surveillance Nation" is packed with shocking truths every American must know to put a stop to this trampling of freedoms and invasion of privacy - and I want to rush you a copy of this timely report free.

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Mike Walters

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